About Tombey


The aim of TOMBEY is to make it easier to find sexual and reproductive health information and services for young people in Nigeria. One of our missions is to increase the awareness and agency of young people concerning their sexual and reproductive health and facilitate the increased access to and use of sexual and reproductive health resources and services.

TOMBEY pulls together information and provides many ways for you to ask questions and get real answers from our in house and volunteer trained counselors and teen guides. From speaking directly to a teen volunteer to chatting in our forums, young people have the opportunity to share their thoughts freely.

About HACEY Health Initiative

We are a non-profit organization committed to supporting women, girls, and young people in Nigeria to live a productive and healthy life. We achieve this through innovation, Capacity development, Advocacy, Research, and Education (i.C.A.R.E) approach. HACEY was established to provide sustainable solutions to close the inequality gap that limits women and girls’ access to health and economic empowerment.

HACEY has built a vested interest in core development challenges such as sexual and reproductive health and right (SRHR), HIV/AIDS, and family planning. Over the last 13 years, HACEY has worked to improve the SRHR of young people by advocating for inclusive policies that ensure access of young people to quality SRH services and increased investment for SRH programming by all sectors.

Did You Know?


Human Pregnancy lasts…
Human pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, or just more than 9 months, from the moment of fertilization to childbirth.
Yeast infections are…
Yeast infections are very common and affect up to 75% of women at some point in their lifetime.
The menstrual cycle is…
The menstrual cycle is the process by which a woman’s body gets ready for the chance of pregnancy each month.



Get Involved

The content featured on TOMBEY are all curated by young people, and beyond content creation and presentation, there are a number of other amazing ways you can contribute to SRH knowledge on TOMBEY.

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